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Information about caves



Caves are natural underground huge place in which a human can overcome or survive. Information about caves can be very large if it is described by their different types.





Information about Caves: How they Form?



Today, the way of formation of Caves is known as speleogenes. They are developed by many different processes. They include mixture of chemical gasses, evaporating from water, chemical forces, small organisms, high pressure, different types of forces etc.





Information about caves by their different types



Costal Anchihaline caves

These caves usually form by the mixture of River Water with the Salty Sea Water. We can find them in different parts of the world.

Icy Glacier cave

The flow of the ice with very small speed are the main reason by which these caves are formed. The ice melts and under Glacier until it forms a Cave.

Fracture Layer cave

They are formed by the mixture of layers that contains minerals with the rocks.



Rock Talus cave

These are formed in between the Big fallen Rocks from a Height.

Common Solutional cave

Information about caves can be easily defined by giving example of these Solutional cave. The mixture of different gases with the several kinds of rocks like limestone, marble, gypsum, salt etc are mainly the cause of their formation.

Lava Primary cave

These are caused by the surrounding of several Rocks. They can be from underground lava or surface lava.



Information about caves: Length, Height and Depth


The most great length to be recorded until now is in USA and the Cave is known as Mammoth Cave National Park. The length for that is 591 kilometers and 367 (mi).



Longest underwater Cave

The longest underwater cave is in Mexico and its surveyed length is 180 kilometer.



Deepest cave



The deepest known cave is in Georgia which is 2,191 meters i.e. 7,189 (ft)



Information of caves: Some Largest Caves of the World




"Mammoth Cave"

South Dakota

"Jewels Cave"




"Windy Cave"


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